Proxima B to Batley - a star story

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Proxima B to Batley - a star story

Post by RMSteele »

There’s a dull grey dome on the Batley and Spenborough observatory. It won’t go round anymore because once upon a time two little green mice from Proxima B landed on it with a bump. They are called Now ‘n Agin and they still work as cleaners in Batley town hall. Their favourite job is cleaning the red carpet there because it reminds them of home (although the old folks all say that it doesn’t really look red these days).

Now the Queen happened to be visiting one day and she stopped to speak to Now ‘n Agin. “I really am so tired of all the useless gifts, you know. I wish someone would think of something with some flare now and again”, said the Queen. “We have quite a lot of flare where we come from, Your Majesty”, said Now. “What would you really like?” said Agin. “I think I would like some green trousers for a change”, said the Queen. But Now ‘n Agin couldn’t really ask the Queen what size trousers she takes could they? “Funny how she knows our names”, said Now. “Nobody else around here does”, said Agin.

So the weeks passed and a parcel arrived at Buckingham Palace, addressed to the Queen. Inside was a little card that read “Dear Queen, Proximately yours Now ‘n Agin xx”. That was not all there was in the parcel of course. Wrapped in red tissue paper was a pottery figure. It was a woman in a blue hat and a green trouser suit, carrying a large cream handbag and behind her sat two little green pot mice, with pottery speech bubbles. “I don’t like that hat” says one little mouse. “Nice pink ankles, though” says the other. “I like the green in between” says one.

The queen loved it.

No-one ever notices that Now ‘n Agin are alien green mice from Proxima B. The talk in Batley is all about motorbikes and the astronomical price of fish ‘n chips. One day they might even get around to making the dull grey dome go round again.
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Re: Proxima B to Batley - a star story

Post by LeoLion »

Eee lad , it could be a while before they get a round tewit :D :D :!:
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Re: Proxima B to Batley - a star story

Post by brian livesey »

The Milner K. Ford Observatory at Bately, with its 15-inch Newtonian reflector, might be closed temporarily because of the light nights.
On its website, the society says it has meetings every Thursday.
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Re: Proxima B to Batley - a star story

Post by Brian »

My Brother-in-law has a round-tuit. Bought it in Eire on holiday :lol:
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