Can't blame cassini for this.

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Can't blame cassini for this.

Post by stella »

The planetary section, in its look forward to June and July section has this:-

"In June and July this year Saturn sits nearly 22 degrees below the ecliptic "

Maybe caused by a rogue star passing through the Solar system?
brian livesey
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Re: Can't blame cassini for this.

Post by brian livesey »

Apart from an intruding body into the solar system, what other influences could cause the planets to change their orbital resonances? It's bound to happen someday, and it might be catastrophic for life on Earth.
The present resonances must have held for a very long time; after all, life has persisted on our planet for over 3 billion years, albeit in simple cellular form for most of that time.
Once Earth is ejected from the Goldilock's zone... .
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