Ganymede visual albedo markings observation

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Ganymede visual albedo markings observation

Post by astroeddie »

Just wondering if anyone else has observed the albedo markings on Ganymede ?

I managed this once using my old C11 on a pristine night. I was gob smacked, but the markinngs stood well out. I took a quick sketch, which I may have posted but will do so again if anyone is interested. Or anyone elsy please post here. Rather like Mercury markings wise.

Yourrs Eddie
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David Frydman
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Re: Ganymede visual albedo markings observation

Post by David Frydman »

Hi Eddie,
I never saw any with a very good 12.5 inch Dall Kirkham.

I used up to 750x and my usual 265x and higher.
1100x was tried but was empty magnification.
4,650mm focal length f/3.5/ f14.6.
All 4 discs were easily seen but no markings seen on any moon.

But other people have seen markings, and also have photos and images.

Best regards,

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