Dice with constellations, planets, moons - and Voyager

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Dice with constellations, planets, moons - and Voyager

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At the risk of being an advert (for someone I have no connection with)...

As well as astronomy, my household have a liking for interesting designs of dice and I found that, a year or so ago, one chap had made some good looking dice using constellations of the Northern sky and sold them via "crowdfunding" (and I missed the window of opportunity).

Right now he is running another crowdfunding project, for the designs to print and fold your own (oversize) polyhedral dice, which now have North and South sky constellations, planets in the Solar System and moons (discovered before 1700 using optical tools) and a nod to the Voyager probe: search for "Constellation Dice" on Kickstarter, if that is of interest - 3 euros a for the PDFs and it closes on March 21st.

There are naff "astrological dice" (sorry, sorry) around but I was wondering if anyone had seen any other decent dice designs around - I'm looking for presents (Christmas is only months away now) and SWMBO already has a good selection of items from the SPA shop...
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