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brian livesey
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You're right Mike, the trilogy could have been much better. The BBC's emphasis on astronomy and space travel must leave some amateur geologists, microscopists, etc, seething with indignation at not having TV slots of their own.
mike a feist
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In my case is more likely actually to be nearer to..
"Keep looking out of the window waiting for the clouds to clear from that piece of sky in which the target lies followed by either (a) a short excitement as it pops out of the clouds OR (b) never appears until the eclipse or whatever is just over OR (c) the sky never clears till tomorrow when the celestial object is shining down completely free of clouds"
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I have been speaking with a friend of mine who was very fortunate to have been invited as a member off Macclesfield AS.

He was telling me today, how the members from the two society's, were all made very welcome.

And how they were all personally thanked, by Dara and Brian after the show, for coming.


Given the sky was so clear on the first two night's.

It was great shame there was not more emphasis, on what was going on outside, with the amateur community.

A tour of the telescope's would have been very nice. Together with interviews from some of the owners.

And above all.

They really should have done a sky tour showing beginners, what was visible, and where to find it.

There was also concern given to the after show, question and answer program.

Why didn't they let some of the visiting astronomers. Answer some of the question's, instead of having them act as wallpaper?

It was a fine effort to bring astronomy to the masses but.

I feel personally, there was too much going on in door's, instead off being out side, and looking UP.

I also wondered why there was a live feed from SALT? and not from La Palmer where the Isaac Newton group of telescope's is based?
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The Bat
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I am not going to knock Stargazing Live, because I think it's done a good job of bringing astronomy to the masses. It received a lot of criticism last year, but a few of us in our society gave feedback in response to a request from the programme-makers and I do believe that most of the points we made have been addressed, at least to some extent, mainly relating to the publicising of the many public events, and the involvement of all the amateur societies. I still think they could have put more emphasis on stargazing in this country, and more footage from events going on outside - shame they can't place a reporter in most of the main regions of the country since there would be more chance then of getting clear sky somewhere. It's probably quite hard though: the weather was awful last year and nobody wants to watch an hour of live cloud watching. I agree with the above point that it would have been interesting to see the amateurs having the chance to join in the after show discussion.

One thing I do find disappointing is that if they insist on airing it every January, the focus is always going to be on the winter targets. It really is something that ought to be on once every quarter, to catch the sky at different times of the year.

Our society has had lots of enquiries in the week since we held our stargazing event last Monday. Website traffic has increased from 2000 unique hits a month to over 5000 this month so far, and still climbing! :shock:

Another comment last year was, "Yes, but how many of those will go on to join and how many will stay?". Well, before last year's Stargazing, we had about 45 members in our society. Last year we hit a record 81 members, and so far this year we are already up to 86. We lost a few who perhaps joined on a whim, but we have had more than enough to make up for them and many that joined last year have already renewed.

That certainly can't be sniffed at. :D

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