Astronomical Attractions in Paris?

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G Burt
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Astronomical Attractions in Paris?

Post by G Burt »

Dear All,

I'm looking forward to a brief stay in Paris in a few week's time :D

Can anyone advise on astronomical attractions in the city? From what I can see on the website, the Paris Observatory only accepts organised group visits.

Has anyone got any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

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Post by LeoLion »

This is a two part reply !!

If you have telescope kit money to spend go here La Maison du Astronomie shop ( Microscopy is next door ) (Spent several Euros when I visited !!)
Apart from the above (which I have visited) I have La Villete : Cite des Sciences when I manage to get back over
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Post by joe »

I was just about to recommend the same two places! There's not a lot outside of the Observatory. The Pantheon has the Pendulum but it's worth visiting anyway - lovely surrounding area - and the Musee Cluny, where Messier worked, is nearby. There's an astronomy centre a little way out of Paris but it may be too much hassle getting there (train then taxi/walk).

There's also a much more central science museum that features astronomy/physics/cosmology - ... no_cache=1

Not as big as the Cite des Sciences but worth a visit if you have less time. Being Paris, every museum is jam packed unfortunately.
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David Frydman
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Post by David Frydman »

Although not directly astronomy related. The Bievres camera fair near Versailles happens every year and this year is around the weekend of 2011 June 5.
I have never been but there are vast amounts of camera equipment mainly old but lenses binoculars etc. It is outdoors I think. And has many visitors from around the world.
Regards, David
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Post by LeoLion »

The second part ( long tail of post & delete !) . Cover the Paris meridian markers for the Arago medalions and visit the Musee des Artes et Metiers

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Andrew INT
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Post by Andrew INT »

Hi Geoff,

Paris is such a beautiful city :D

Marc Monceau, near to the Arc was the site of the first silk parachute jump in 1793. There is a little commemorative parked tucked away between some bushes. The parc is perhaps my favourite spot in all of Paris - and hardly has any tourists - just lots of joggers on Sundays!

If you are visiting the Louvre, there is also a nice astronomy shop near by. I cant remember the name of the shop - I think it was somewhere along Rue de l'Opera.

We are toying with the idea of visiting Paris again next month, but we pay delay until next year when our baby is a little older.

Have a great time!

Kind regards,

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