The twenty eight known galaxies

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The twenty eight known galaxies

Post by nealeh »

I find amusing that the 1978 film Superman (on Channel Five at the moment) has referred to "the twenty eight known galaxies" as the baby Superman is traveling from doomed planet Krypton to Earth.
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Yep I saw that too,
It always makes me cringe that despite a large budget to make a film,they couldn't simply buy a space book for a little bit of research !

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Post by Deimos »

But then, are we being guilty of only seeing things from our own perspective ? what if you happened to live in the middle of a dark nebula. Or maybe if you had loads of bright emitters close-by or maybe in the middle of a Globular Cluster. Maybe a particularly opaque atmosphere and no real motivation to make massive efforts to detect things so distant they wont be affecting you in the near future. Detecting loads of distant dim things might not be so easy. Ok we have our own "challenges" (e.g. street lighting, neighbours security lights, etc.) but when so determined we can move away from them.
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I'm not a comic book aficionado but I'd guess much of the dialogue is based on the original comic - errors and all. Changing too much for the sake of fact may destroy the fantasy.
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