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new to astrophotography

Post by thomasfn »

Hi guys, iam considering purchasing a DSLR namely the canon eos 450d, and was wondering if their is any other camera of a similar cost or even cheaper that will do the same or equal job and also weather live view is critical or not, all replys greatfully recieved, and thankyou in advance

ps, i wont be piggy backing at first and just doing wide angle sky shots if that helps.
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Post by Brian »


I have a Pentax :roll: but the make of choice for astro work does appear to be the Canon. For two main reasons I think : low sensor noise and a good user base with some useful bits of free software available, such as BackyardEOS. Most of the models are good for astro work, many users have gone for the later 1000D and 1100D models which are relatively light in weight - this can be important when considering the total loading on your mounting. I understand the 600D is excellent as the twistable viewscreen is very useful but of course you pay for that.

I understand that Liveview is useful for getting focus spot-on and can be accessed by software running on a PC for better control, but you can focus by trial and error using the camera screen, taking a series of trial exposures and using zoom iteratively to get best focus. Of course if your lens is autofocus this should do it for you, but of course autofocus isn't set up for true "infinity" work (I think)

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Post by gary1968 »

I have a 1000d and its a great camera for both 'normal' photography and astro imaging.
It is very light weight, has the 1.6 cropped sensor which is desirable for astro imaging.
I run it from the laptop using Canon EOS Utilities. This allows me to set number of shots, exposure time and also has live view. I personally dont use live view for focusing. I get a rough focus just bt looking through the view finder, I then for the Bahtinov Mask then shoot a 5 sec image of a bright star, check the spikes that are on the image, adjust focus, shoot and repeat until I get the focus I am looking for.
As for the cameras own display, I ALWAYS have that switched off. Reason, the display creates heat, we want to keep the camera as cool as possible so I never use the screen. I am not sure if this would have a bearing on the new 600d, the screen folds out from the body so it might not be an issue.
If I were out buying another dslr for astro imaging, I think I would go for the 1100d.

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Post by David Frydman »

The lens is important and has not been mentioned.
Usually the standard zoom is packaged with a Canon body to give the best value.
The early Canon standard packaged zoom lenses were not considered good performers but the present ones are apparently good lenses for general use and close ups and also I think for wide field astro views although you may have to stop them down a bit for best images.
I am not a Canon DSLR user but several friends are.

Regards, David
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