America's next generation GPS system

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brian livesey
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America's next generation GPS system

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Globally, four billion people make use of the GPS system, but many are unaware that it was developed and is still operated by the U.S. military. GPS provides a vast service, from navigation to banking.
Today, America launches the first of a more advanced GPS type of satellite, on a FalconX rocket, that they claim is stronger, faster and more secure than the current system. The full benefits of the new GPS system will not be available until 2022, due to problems in developing a new ground control system for the satellites.
In all, there are 32 planned GPS III satellites, supplied by Lockheed Martin. China is building a rival system and has already launched 11 satellites into orbit, while Russia has its own working positioning system and Japan is building another.
The U.S. GPS III system will have a more powerful military signal, making it harder to jam, and the new civilian frequency will not be available until the new control system is ready.The constellation of new satellites are controlled by the U.S. Air Force at a high security base outside Colorado Springs.
Six more GPS satellites are under construction and nicknames are being assigned to them. The first one to be launched is called Vespucci, after Amerigo Vespucci.

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Re: America's next generation GPS system

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I think I read that the UK Government looking to put up our own GPS satellites in case access to other systems is denied us in the future? :?
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David Frydman
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Re: America's next generation GPS system

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The U.K. is planning a GPS system, because the European Union want to exclude Britain, despite Britain already having paid for it.

I don't watch news any more, and I have no idea what Britain's position will be with regard to Europe.

Do we have the ability to launch satellites?
If not, we had better make rockets to launch the necessary satellites.

I presume that there are quiet spare GPS satellites out there, which are not announced.

GPS could probably be denied to all except the military at a flick of the switch.

Imperial College are working on an accurate positioning system that does not use GPS and is inbuilt to any vehicle. At the moment in one direction, but they plan a full 3 axis system.


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