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David Frydman
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Saw ISS 01.21UT this morning rising about 20 degree elevation in west, quickly got very bright in clear transparent sky. I cautiously estimated mag minus 3.2.
It was brightest at about 35 to 40 degree elevation.
Passed about the zenith and was much dimmer as it was seen again fading going east.
Followed to about 01.25.20 UT then went past roofline going east. Did not see end.

But it turns out I saw almost the whole pass and it was mag minus 3.9, which I can well believe.
It was white and I suppose getting almost as bright as Venus.
Unaided eyes and 8.5x44 binocular.

I also saw Jupiter's moons correctly in 18x50 binocular at 02.03 UT.

A few days ago I saw crepuscular rays going downwards from a cloud bank in the west.


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