Strange sight seen 5 March

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Strange sight seen 5 March

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Martin123 posted:

Hi All,
I was looking at the moon with a binocular on 5 March at 20.40 GMT in Cardiff UK, 51.48 -3.18. Taking my eyes away from the bin I saw a very bright flash in the western sky. The flash reoccurred at irregular intervals varying from 5 to 10 secs and varying intensity for about 10 minutes as the object crossed the sky eastwards. With the unaided eye I could not see the object causing the flash but it's progress was so slow that I easily found it with the bin and could see a dull orange spot. What was extraordinary was the occasional brightness of the flash which was the brightest sight in the sky.
I'm used to seeing satellites which typically take about 30 seconds to cross my field of view so I guess what I saw was much higher as I could see it for around 10 mins. Probably an item of space junk but I'm keen to know which lump.
I'd appreciate any info on what I saw or where to find out what it was.

This was Topex/Poseidon, 92-52A.

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