Calling Satellite Observers, Space Debris, ISS observers

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Calling Satellite Observers, Space Debris, ISS observers

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My name is Cath. I'm an artist and very keen to talk to amateur astronomers with the capability to view satellites and the ISS. Anyone who may have come across space debris, or has an interest in space debris would be of particular interest.

I recently won an award with Nick Ryan to make 'Adrift' - a film, interactive project and sound installation about space debris. (A short film of the project is here: ... the-future)

I would love to hear from anyone with the above capabilities/interests, and if agreeable for you, I would love to photograph your telescope setup.

If this might be of interest, please do get in touch with a little about yourself, and if at all possible, an image of the location where you do your observations, whether from a backyard set up, or remote location.

I believe amateur astronomers play such an amazing role.
My piece will be less sciencey (ie less National Geographic) and more poetic in it's attempts to reveal the world of space debris and the wonderful role that amateur astronomers play in tracking satellites.

Thankyou too for your time for reading this.
Very Best
Cath Le Couteur

ps. please don't worry about my email address! I run a film organisation in London!
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