Heavens Above slightly inaccurate

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Heavens Above slightly inaccurate

Post by Andyjasper »

Was looking at the Orion nebula tonight when a Satellite went across my view. Looking at Heavens Above with my location entered, there was no satellite showing, however Cosmos 1607 was on the same track at approx same time but about RA 40 mins further to the west difference. Has anybody else noticed an inaccuracy based on your location and the shown satellite tracks?

David Frydman
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Post by David Frydman »

I suppose with anactive satellite or with atmospheric drag the tracks could vary.
What I have seen looking at M42 is glints from geosynchronous satellites showing up in 12x45 and othe binoculars at fro memory about magnitude 7. This is much brighter than their normal brightness when they are invisible in ordinary hand held binoculars.
I am not an expert on satellites and someone here will surely tell you more about your query.

I remember seeing these geosynchronous satellites two nights in a row with different binoculars. I cn't remember how lond glints last.

Regards, David.

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Post by stella »

Yes, H-A does have inaccuracies.
"Cassiopeia" on the small scale maps is missing its second 'i'.
One of the stars nu and xi Ursae Majoris is missing from the charts.
As to your query, you will have to provide your location accurately
for an investigation to be carried out.

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Post by xander771 »

stella wrote: "Cassiopeia" on the small scale maps is missing its second 'i'.
that's not good. looks like some sort of inattention
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