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David Frydman
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Are these binoculars new, seconds or renovated?
He seems to maybe supply Bushnells possibly new also or discontinued stock.
nothing wrong with this.

The 10 x 42 Powerview in my several years old Bushnell catalogue seem to be roof prisms with the cheaper BK 7 prisms, not so good coatings field about 5.7 degrees. You should ask if thisis correct.
They are O.K. if the price is right, but I would prefer the 10 x 50 Nikon Action VII porroprisms from Sherwoods.

Regards, David

17.5 mm eye relief. 800 gm. 10 x 42 Powerview. not waterproof no tripod adaptor.
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David Frydman
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The 8 x 42 Excursion is an altogether better binocular, better coatings, BaK4 better prism glass, wider field around 64 degrees instead of 57 degrees. 17mm eye relief. Waterproof, roof prism, 700 gm.


Camoflauge? or black.

2006 catalogue.

yes try them, preferably on a clear evening on Jupiter, Venus, The Moon.

If you give me details of other ones I can let you know about them.
David Frydman
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The Bushnell 8 x 42 Excursion is I think the best of the three you mention.
It as much a birding binocular as an astro binocular
It is or should be a good general purpose instrument.
The fact that it comes from a repairer should mean it is collimated and clean inside.
Whether repairers maintain waterproofing after stripping a binocular i don't know.
I don't know if the can refill with nitrogen to purge it.

I have actually met a brand new chinese waterproof nitrogen purged binocular that has fungus in it. This should not happen and just shows how poor some chinese quality control is and how poor the manufacturing techniques can be.
Many chinese consumer binoculars are all looks and no substance.

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Keep an eye in shops like cash Converters.
I recently bought a celestron 4" refractor on a half decent mount/tripod for 50 quid. It's a superb scope, and the detail on Jupiter as very nice through it.
I am aware than I was very lucky to find this, but there are often telescopes in cash convertors as they are things that people buy and never use. So when money is tight and people need cash, the scope is the first thing to go.
Be sure not to buy cheap plastic tat. A naff scope will only be a disappointment, and could put you off the hobby.

Have a look on various forums. They, like this one, often have a classified section.

Most, if not all, astro societies will make you more than welcome. My local astro society in Cardiff has regular observing sessions and new comers are welcome to come along. The great thing about these sessions is that you get to meet people who will be more than happy to advise you, and you get to look through different types of scopes.

Some astro societies lend scopes out to members.

Bins are great, but unless you get a large pair, you won't see much in the way of detail on planets, but you will get to see great views of nebulars and other large objects. I love my bins. They get used more than my scopes.
I once came last in an astronomy competition.
I was awarded a constellation prize

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Thank you David for your thorough response!! :)

dazcaz, what bins do you have?
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