My latest Lunar image

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My latest Lunar image

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A gallery section in the Forum - Well Done!

I know this image goes back to last October, but - honest- I've not been well recently :( Having picked up a kidney bug before Christmas I've spent 10 weeks popping antibiotics to clear it up and I've avoided the cold winter nights. I'm now just about ready to go after Jupiter for the new season. Thank goodness for that - I'm now getting withdrawal symptoms :lol:

The attached image is composed of two - the lower whole-Moon was taken with my 60mmf5 finderscope, and the upper "high resolution" view was from my 203mm DK Cassegrain, working at f16. These were recorded a few minutes apart using a Toucam 740k webcam fitted with IR-cut filter. Avis were recorded using K3CCDTools and were processed using Registax and PaintshopPro . The upper image was recorded at 21.10UT, the lower at 20.50UT.

It doesn't take long to shoot the 60mmf5 images, and I think the wide-view makes an interesting addition in locating just where the main subject is located relative to the terminator etc.


The image size is 55k - about the maximum for dial-up connections I reckon. Should we therefore agree a limit on image size allowed in this Forum? What do others think?

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Yes, it makes sense to reduce the size of all large images, both in terms of pixel dimensions and file-size. So in the excellent Photoshop Elements, for example, use the "save for web" option to find a useful balance between file-size and quality.

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