Mars 21 Nov 2020 Eyepiece Sketch

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Mars 21 Nov 2020 Eyepiece Sketch

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Mars, 2020 November 21, 1930 UT. New Farnley, Leeds UK. 90mm refractor x165, x227, w15 yellow and w80A blue filters. Mars Central Meridian 116 degrees at mid-time of observation. Seeing unsteady but with brief, steadier moments of about Ant III. Contrast of dark markings exaggerated for clarity. Directions: as you look at the image, North is top, South bottom, Preceding left, Following right. Solis Lacus at left, Mare Sirenum at right. The south polar region appeared rather ill-defined and spread out slightly east-west. A limb haze spread southward from about the 9 0'clock position as you look at the drawing to about 5 o'clockish. The phase is noticeable at the F limb. I think this will be my last sketch of the opposition, Mars is getting smaller in my telescope (16 arcsecs) and details are harder to pick out reliably in moments of steadier seeing. I am really glad that I've been able to make six sketches that give a more or less complete view of the southern hemisphere features that were well placed this opposition. I might make a little chart of them for fun. Kind thoughts, Bob
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