Two solar active regions in CaK.

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Two solar active regions in CaK.

Post by smerral »

The two solar active regions 2740 and 2741 imaged this morning in calcium light with the Altair Astro 102 ED-R, Lunt CaK B600 and DMK31 camera. 50/1000 frames stacked.


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Re: Two solar active regions in CaK.

Post by Brian »

2741 looks to be a big one then? :)
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Re: Two solar active regions in CaK.

Post by Cliff »

Thanks for showing us the superb Cak images of the Two Sunspots - . Actually I tried to send but failed to send this response yesterday but failed miserably?
As far as I'm concerned the Sun has bee a revelation recently, since the first fine Sunspot appeared ago. At one stage some SPA members including David Frydman & Alan Heath, actually observed it "unaided" eye. So I ha d been wondering if that Sunspot would manage to complete a full circuit & reappear after half the Sun's rotation periodic or perhaps I should say synodic period - BINGO it DID !
Thank goodness the Sun seems alive & well & hasn't entered the Merrydeath cycle.
Best of luck from Cliff

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