The Sun & its nice Sunspot Again !

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The Sun & its nice Sunspot Again !

Post by Cliff »

Having been in the quiet part of the 11 year cycle, I hadn't expected much excitement for sometime yet.
Then 26 days ago (8th April) I observed a surprising Sunspot near the Sun's limb. 2 days before the Sun seemed blank whilst on 0n 7th I was clouded out.I subsequently observed the Sun in Ha & W.L. 7 more times of the 11 days while the Sunspot Xed the disk. By shear luck I imaged the Sunspot on the 19th April as close to the Limb as I ever will.
Anyone perusing my images might not think the Sunspot is near the Sun's Equator, where it rotates in 25.days.However, because Earth orbits the Sun in 365 days we see parts of the Sun near the Equator after17.6 days (Synodic period).
Fingers Xed if lucky and the Sunspot survived long enough I might see it again perhaps after (19.6 April + 13.8 days) Say - after 3rd May.
I observed a blank White Light Sun on 3rd May.
Then on 4th May - Bingo!
Three images now attached.
from Cliff
zyxSun20190504_1512UTmeredith_37R.jpg (55.41 KiB) Viewed 1245 times
zyxSun20190504_1510UTmeredith_48RzR.jpg (82.4 KiB) Viewed 1245 times
zyxSun20190504_1445UTmeredith_05RxR.jpg (78.77 KiB) Viewed 1245 times
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