Jupiter and Saturn 13/14 January

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Jupiter and Saturn 13/14 January

Post by Davej »

The conditions were very good last night so got a bit more imaging in aswell as a good observing session.

Jupiter with LX 200 and Celestron S/System Imager 600 frames R6


The seeing wasn't quite as good at around 04.00 (nearby Spica was twinkling) but had a go at Saturn for the first time this apparition. Same set up as previous.


All the best
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David Frydman
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Post by David Frydman »

Dear Dave,
Very nice photos. It is good to see one of Saturn again.
Spica also twinkling for me.
Only saw Saturn in binocular. Could just make out rings at 18x.

Regards, David
The Bat
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Post by The Bat »

Wow, can't wait to see Saturn again having seen your pics. The rings are really opening up now. 8)
I was out last night and the optics were frosted over by midnight!

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Post by Brian »

Dear Dave, nice images. Good to see Saturn again, wonder if the North Equatorial Disturbance is still active? I salute you for being up at 04.00hrs- won't see me up at that time :shock:

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