17 megapixel Moon (complete version)

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17 megapixel Moon (complete version)

Post by 12dstring »

Finally made it! Feels like I've been processing this for days. I never want to see Registax again!

Further to my earlier thread, here is my new Moon mosaic.. but with no gaps this time :D Sadly the seeing wasn't quite as good as the previous night, but it was still very good for my garden and at least the transparency stayed the same this time.

Taken over Friday night/Saturday morning. I covered the whole thing twice, first going up and down, then sideways (wanted to be sure!). Even though I got more frames in the second run, I somehow missed some small bits out - and the seeing was worse by this point, so there wasn't any good in using that data. Is 21.4GB a lot for one night? :|

Here's the final result anyway: (warning 4MB)

64 seperate images, 200 frames each at 10fps. 4.1 billion pixels in all went into it :lol:
Captured with Selene, stacked in Registax, stitched and adjusted in Photoshop.
Skywatcher Explorer-150, SC4 webcam, 5x barlow and Baader IR-Pass filter.

To save another topic, here's a few images from last night I took with my SC1 (the SC4 had a little accident going out of the front door :( ) after my DSLR battery ran out.

Hadley Rille

Montes Alpes and Vallis Alpes




Each about best 200 of 1200 frames, pretty poor and variable seeing.
I guess my next task is to do the whole thing with the SC1 now :shock:

Thanks for looking!

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Post by Davej »

Hi Dave,
The first pic (enlarged) reminds me of the first Lunar landing and the following images are brilliant. Thanks for sharing. :)
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Post by jb1970 »

Alot of work but well worth it. The detail, particularly in the first image, is incredible. I have an explorer 150 and Neximage webcam and have had a bash at imaging the Moon over the last couple of nights. My efforts are awful compared to these. Well done.

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Post by goodtime »

Excellent Lunar pictures Dave, loads of detail, on viewing them I fully expect to be able to pick out the Apollo landers. Thanks for sharing them.
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Post by Zeke »

I would print them out and stick them on the wall!!
they are brilliant.
Never worry!
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Post by astroeddie »

The detail on the mosaic is scary beyond belief.

Fantastic job there, thanks for sharing.

Eddie H
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Post by First Light Optics »

Very impressive, nicely processed too 8)
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Post by Ender Of Days »

Very good indeed

I'l look forward to seeing more :D

(so good it got my first post on the forum) :lol:

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