Elusive Mercury

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Elusive Mercury

Post by smerral »

Mercury.imaged with the C8 at prime focus with the Altair GPcam V2 at 10.30 PM last night. It was nice to actually see it but it was so low that it was just a wobbly jelly. The problem is I don't have a permanent set up so my goto accuracy isn't good enough during the daytime. I found him on this occasion by slewing to and centring the thin crescent moon and then syncing before slewing to Mercury. I have considered using my alt-az mount during the day, aligning on the sun with my solar filter, then slewing to the planet and removing the filter (taking great care all the while of course.)

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Re: Elusive Mercury

Post by RMSteele »

You capture the phase well, Brian, despite the difficulties you mention - it's around 60%. The orange tint is intriguing; it has had a reddish-orange glint to it in the low altitude and poor seeing whenever I've spotted it lately.
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Re: Elusive Mercury

Post by scilover »

Wow, nice job capturing this picture! I wish I can take pictures like or these or see but unfortunately my area is quite cloudy during night time.

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