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Observing Log Database

Post by G1ZmO »

Dont know whether this may be of use to some of you but I created an MS Access database for my observation logs which you can download and use if you like.

If you havent used access before: Click on Forms then "Observation Log Table"

Theres a space for a 500x500 pixel sketch/photo (right click and "insert object")

The zipped database is here: http://www.paulstephen.com/files/ObservationLogs.zip

And a screenshot is here: http://www.paulstephen.com/files/obslog.jpg

You can edit the tables to reflect your telescopes, eyepieces, observing sites etc and by all means modify the database to your needs if you know how to do so.



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Post by mapofthedead »

Many thanks Paul,

This looks very useful and will hopefully force me into "observing" rather than randomly looking up at the sky!
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