Astronomy Software List (Updated 21/02/2007)

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Astronomy Software List (Updated 21/02/2007)

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The following is a list of pointers to astronomy related software (Free, free-of-cost or pay-for). If you have any recommendations for appropriate software, links or resources, or if you spot any links that are incorrect or no longer valid, then please send the relevant details in a private message to either Dave, Joe or Jeff.

Atlas Software
  • The Digital Universe (Win, Mac, Linux, IRIX) (Free)

    An atlas of various locations in the universe. Available atlases include the Milky Way and an extragalactic atlas.
  • Google Earth (Win, Mac) (Free)

    A virtual atlas of the Earth.
  • NASA World Wind (Win) (Free)

    A virtual atlas of the Earth and the Moon.
  • Virtual Moon Atlas (Win) (Free)

    A virtual atlas of the Moon for Microsoft Windows.
Observation Planning Software
  • NightCal (Win) (Free)

    General planning software that produces a calendar of key astronomical events for any given month.
  • Mars Previewer II (Win) (Free)

    A useful tool for anyone observing Mars. Helps you work out what features you're seeing in your 'scope.
  • Helio (Win) (Free) Image

    Software to help plan solar observations.
Observation Recording Software
  • Helio Creator (Win) (Free) Image

    Software to help record solar observations.
Planetarium Software

    A very comprehensive list of planetarium software broken down by platform. You'll find software for Windows based PCs, GNU/Linux based PCs, Macintosh, MS/PC-DOS based PCs, handheld computers and more.
Simulation Software
  • Celestia (Win, Linux, Mac) (Free)

    A free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions.
  • Orbiter (Win) (Free)

    Windows based space flight simulator.
  • ORSA (Win, Mac, Unix, Source) (Free)

    Orbit reconstruction, simluation and analysis.
Visualisation Software
  • Helio Viewer (Win) (Free) Image

    Software for viewing solar observations.
  • Solar Weather Browser (Win, Mac, Unix, Source) (Free)

    A free program that gathers together all sorts of solar weather data and presents it in a single interface.