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Nexstar Flash - verification Fail...

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:30 pm
by HippyChippy
Hi Folks.

I'm having problems flash updating my CPC 1100's Nexstar handset, and could use some advice from experienced Nexstar Flashers. Oh err missus!

I'm using a Windows7 64bit PC, and an after-market serial-usb adaptor from an Astro' supplier which shows up in Device Manager as 'USB Serial Port/ COM3'.

Next I installed the HCUpdate v1.1.4 program from Celestron's website, connected up my handset (running ageing firmware version NXS 4.12) to both the telescope and the PC's USB port as Celestron recommend. After simultaneously pressing UNDO & INFO etc. I used HCUpdate to download and flash the handset to the most recent version (NXS 4.20).

The installation progressed smoothly up to 100% then started to "Verify" the installation... and immediately fell over with an error message. The handset is frozen, reading "Transmitting..." despite cycling the power switch on & off. I get the same result if I repeat the procedure, and also with the older firmware versions available - the verify always fails, leaving the handset 'bricked'.

Re-installing the original version (NXS 4.12) brings the handset back to life - Phew! - and it clearly installs and verifies properly.

So I've got a working handset again (plus a few more grey hairs) but I'm rolled right back to the out-dated firmware I wished to update. Wondering if I should try and borrow an old XP machine, preferably with a COM port.

Any hints or tips gratefully received.

Regards, Les.

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:28 pm
by Brian
Hi Les.

Can't be much help I'm afraid, except to say I've seen references to "older handsets can't be updated" and am just wondering...... ?


Nexstar updating woes...

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:46 am
by HippyChippy
Thanks for your suggestion Brian.

on top of the above, I've adapted the Celestron lead to a USB connection and tried a handset update under WinXP and Win7 (32 & 64bit), and also tried a straight through (and a reverse wired for luck) backplate off a COM header on my motherboard, all to no avail. Everything showed up in Device Manager just fine - USB on COM3 and 'this device is working properly' etc.

Tried my setup on two Nexstar controllers belonging to a friend and successfully updated his handsets and his motor control firmware without a hitch... so it's my Nexstar handset that's inexplicably borked!

Had already taken it apart and cleaned the already spotless contacts, checked connections, circuit board etc. so guess it's time to dip in my pocket and buy another 'vintage' handset before the flakey Nexstar+ handset hits the dealers with a new set of software glitches - Google 'Nexstar+ problems' if you want to be dismayed.

C'mon Celestron your customers deserve better, it's the 21st Century already!