Odd Registax behaviour

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Odd Registax behaviour

Post by Kaustav »

All your Registax experts, please help me out. I'll describe the problem I'm having. I am probably missing out a step or clicking on the wrong button so correct me where ever I've gone wrong. Thanks.

1. Captured AVI file using Iris. Files is saved normally to my C drive.
2. Load Registax, click "Select", pick AVI file and open it. I get a messae which says "Image seems to be in B/W, process in B/W?". I said "No" because infact my images are in colour!
3. Use the scroll bar at bottom to find the first few frames.
4. Click on 128 (Alignment Box) and place the box squarely over picture of Mars.
5. Unselect "Automatic" processing, set Quality method to "Gradient" and "Lowest Quality" to 80%.
6. I click on the "Use" Colour check box and then in the FFT Spectrum box I bump the FFT filter up from 3 to 20 (is that too much?).
7. Under the processing section the "Manual aligning" option is set to off (no tick).
8. I click on Align and I get an error messae which says "Cannot lock onto initial alignment feature. Press OK and realign manual on feature, or Press Ignore to deselect frame.
9. I click ok and the image of Mars disappears. I move the scroll bar to the right a bit and Reistax tells me "Unable to open AVI file".
10. I try to close Registax and try again and when I do this it suddenly starts processing the image and then crashes.

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Re: Odd Registax behaviour

Post by davep »

Kaustav wrote:10. I try to close Registax and try again and when I do this it suddenly starts processing the image and then crashes.

Not an answer (I've never had cause to use the software), but if you've got a sure-fire method of causing the software to actually crash I bet the author would love to hear about it. Detailed steps on how to create a crash are so rare (yes, that is the voice of bitter experience talking).

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Post by Brian »

Dear Kaustav,

I concur with Dave's suggestion to contact Cor either through the Registax download site, or through the Registax Yahoo! Group:


FWIW, Here are my observations on your reported problems:

It's odd that Registax reports your IRIS avi as b/w only. I don't use IRIS (I use K3) but I wonder if is tagging the file correctly - is there a range of codecs/formats that you can choose in IRIS, and if so could you be using one that Registax isn't compatible with? What does Windows report for the file?

When you scroll along to "find the first few frames" you should be trying to identify and choose one of the very best frames to act as an alignment reference. Look for good colour and definition and lack of distortions as this is critical to the success of the overall processing.

When you set the FFT, look for a nice compact but round spectrum on the display. I think setting at 20 is excessive - I find is use 3-10 usually . Set the blue line between the two green lines on the quality graph.

The fact that you have to click the "colour" checkbox shows that Registax still thinks it's b/w avi - even though you told it otherwise. Could it be that the inability to find the alignment feature immediately you start the processing is indicative of Registax not being able to find the relevant RGB information to process?

Sometimes I've had that "cannot lock onto initial alignment feature" , but never immediately on starting to process. It occurs when the image starts moving erratically around the FOV - as in a wind- and Registax can't track it for more that a few more frames. I usually select ignore, or go deselect that frame from the framelist and restart the processing.

To summarise, I think your problem "probably" lies with the original avi produced in IRIS,

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