Mars 21 November 2020

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Mars 21 November 2020

Post by RMSteele »

Mars observed tonight between 1915 and 1945 UT, with my 90mm Refractor x165 and x227. The central meridian value of Mars at mid-observation time was 116 degrees. This was a difficult observation: conditions were very variable with short intervals of cloud, haze, and clear spells when Mars brightened up so rapidly that W15 and 80A filters were necessary on and off. The seeing was similarly variable, giving way to moments when scraps of detail appeared in a few seconds of steadier Ant III. It was enough to piece together a bare sketch on which the Solis Lacus and Mare Sirenum could be made out. The south polar region was a diffuse light spot. Nothing at all could be made out in the northern hemisphere. Mars was around 16 arcsecs in diameter with an obvious phase at the following limb. I shall try to post a sketch tomorrow. Bob
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Re: Mars 21 November 2020

Post by nigeljoslin »

Hello Bob, I was observing Mars at about the same time as you, my last observation with the big reflector before I move house. I had clear sky throughout but like you suffered variable conditions for some reason. During the moments of clarity the detail was good though. This planet continues to delight!

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