Noctilucent Cloud - Morning of 17th June 2020

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Noctilucent Cloud - Morning of 17th June 2020

Post by JohnM »

There was a large display of NLC this morning from my location just South of London.

I first saw it at at 02:07 UTC (Solar elevation - 10.13 degrees) and was still in progress at 02:46 UTC (Solar Elevation -6.78 degrees) when it was wiped out by dawn.

It appeared to stretch for at least the NE to NW but could have been further.

Very difficult to give the maximum elevation as the view at higher elevations was obscured with low level cloud with the NLC visible in the occasional gaps. It was much clearer near the Horizon below about 10 degrees where the NLC was quite bright.

Did anyone else get a better view of the display ? With a clear sky I suspect it was quite spectacular from the bits I could see.

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David Frydman
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Re: Noctilucent Cloud - Morning of 17th June 2020

Post by David Frydman »


I saw this 2020 June 17 from 01.45 UT to 02.22 UT when it was fading.
I lost it at 02.32 UT due to brightening sky.
New white LED streetlight a nuisance.

It was bright and maximum elevation was 11 degrees here.
I have a very restricted view due to trees, buildings etc. so I only saw it from azimuth 350 to 015 degrees.

However, I suspected it at 01.05 UT higher up and wider azimuth.

Unaided eyes and 10x42 and 8x32 binoculars. Very fine detail in binoculars.

Waves (3) and bands (2).

I have seen possible NLC on a couple of earlier days with heavy local cloud.

I saw a good display on June 7 02.05 UT to 02.24 UT max elevation 23 degrees.

Many photos of all displays with Canon G15. No, I don't know how to post these and won't try.
Exposures usually 1/13 to 0.3 seconds f/1.8 ISO 1600, programme. Sharp, no tripod, jammed against window frame.

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Re: Noctilucent Cloud - Morning of 17th June 2020

Post by Cliff »

John & David
The recent noctilucent cloud are interesting to know about. Unfortunately I don't do night observing these days, asleep generally when the clouds might be on show. i don't think they would be observable through our bedroom windows but light pollution ( a security light in particular would awkward).
David, I have to say I regularly have problems displaying photos on the "gallery" so I can't be much help really ! I don't know anything about your G15 camera , but I suspect you might need to reduce the file size of your pics in basic JPEG format to get them showing in the gallery. I suggest only submitting one photo to start with to see if the file size provides a displayed photo you like.
I thought you could only submit a maximum of 3 images per post to the gallery, but just recently I tried to submit three images but 5 appeared on the gallery , I think 4 were the same photo. I later tried to delete the excess photos without success.
from Cliff
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