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David Frydman
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Post by David Frydman »

2019 August 13 23.18.35 UT

In a watch totalling 5 seconds, I saw one probable Perseid.

Swift, white, magnitude minus 0.
Seen going vertically downwards from 35 to 15 degrees elevation at azimuth 340.

If one uses the 5 second watch one gets about 5,000 meteors ZHR in mag 6.5 sky.
Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

Seen through kitchen window when I switched the light off.

2/8 or 3/8th high cloud but seen in a large clear transparent part of the sky.
Severe light pollution.

brian livesey
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Re: Perseid

Post by brian livesey »

A press photo yesterday showed a sky full of startrails with a solitary Perseid. To the uninitiated, the numerous startrails could have been mistaken for the meteor shower itself. Typical of the press not to give a fuller explanation.
mike a feist
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Re: Perseid

Post by mike a feist »

13/8/19, 0057-0126 BST, in between struggling to locate Uranus again under a sky described as "poor transparency and nearly Full Moon", I did see just one bright Perseid at about 0103 BST dropping straight down near to Capella. That was it, the moonlight being the real killer!
The weather has greatly limited any observing generally but did manage...
9/8/19, 2050 BST , Moon + Jupiter in same x12 fov
12/8/19, 2130+2140 BST, Jupiter + Antares sharing bino. FOV and Moon+Saturn in bino.fov.
And also during the morning of 11/8/19 at 0930+ BST, racing lower clouds but these parted for a while to reveal the higher layer contained a part of a rather colourful 22 degree Solar Halo which I photographed hiding the Sun from view in bits of the lower cloud.
The weather was never good enough to attempt an early morning walk to Foredown to see Mercury.
The only other sightings in August have been mostly short glimpses of Uranus on a number of occasions.
Regards maf
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