A refreshing evening with Winter and Spring DSOs

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A refreshing evening with Winter and Spring DSOs

Post by mikej »

We had an amazing evening with clear skies and 2 and a half hours of dark sky before the Moon showed up.

Some guys were doing astrophoto but I also had a pal with a 12" Dob. We Admired Orion in both my 10" Dob and his 12" (with E and F stars of the trapezium clearly showing up), Rosette nebula, Eskimo Nebula, M46 with NGC 2438 PN inside the open cluster.

And then ran off to a bunch of other galaxies from the Leo - Coma - Virgo area. Almost 3 hours total time of observations was damn refreshing. Here's the list with all the objects observed: https://www.deep-skies.com/observing-list/106
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Re: A refreshing evening with Winter and Spring DSOs

Post by nigeljoslin »

Looks like a great session and, yes, spring is a wonderful time for all those galaxies. And there is the promise of more decent nights to come. I've had some great nights of late, myself.

Keep having fun! :D
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