Comet Pannstars

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Re: Comet Pannstars

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Panstarrs [C/2011 L4]: Tuesday 7th May 2013: 2220-2235BST: The sky was a bit transparency-poor but did manage to locate the comet yet again from the garden first using Minox 50 zoom and then, to confirm, Piccolo 60 zoom spotting scopes on light-weight tripod. Appeared only as a fuzzy small spot adjacent to a faintish star. [Obs#35] maf
Panstarrs [C/2011 L4]: Wednesday 8th 2400BST: Gap in the bad weather enabled a reasonable view when I awoke just before midnight to find clouds had broken up with large gaps. Used 60mm Piccolo zoom spotter on tripod from back garden to locate the comet as a small fuzzy spot adjacent to a 7.5 mag star (one of a curved row of four stars of between 6.5 and 7.5 mag) in Cepheus. [Obs#36] maf
Panstarrs [C/2011 L4]: Sunday 12th May 2013: Time ?: After clearance of rain clouds, the sky was very clear and in the early hours took 60mm zoom scope into the garden to locate the comet again as a fuzzy ball near or ontop of a faint star, and within a couple of degrees of gamma Cephei, Errai. [Obs#37] maf
Panstarrs [C/2011 L4]: Thursday 16th May 2013: 0315 BST: Sky clearish. To garden with 60mm zoom scope. soon located comet above Errai, gamma Cephei and "pointed to"by the binocular pair rho Cephei (29 + 28). Seen as a clearly visible "fuzz-star-patch". [Obs#38] maf
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Re: Comet Pannstars

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Already a month ago I searched him again. After a bright ISS passage. He is still obvious, found easily again, but not easy for the telescope while he's standing in Ursa Minor there. Estimate made of 8.6. Touching almost a real star, core still a fairly bright dot and coma as a weak short teardrop shape.
I also noticed in program other comet Lemmon these days going almost same way as Panstarrs did before, left of the Pegasus square and along M31.
Thanks to the clear cold nights...
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