Unusual object observed!

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Frank Ryan Jr
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Unusual object observed!

Post by Frank Ryan Jr »

I just observed something very unusual at 11.06PM
from Shannon Ireland.
At first I thought it was a Chinese lantern as it was glowing orange
and flickering in brightness.
It was not,.
It was fast moving and most surely something in orbit
(seasoned satellite observer here.. no it was not a plane!)

It tracked from just below Pegasus and moved eastward
the object flared and then subsided just past Peg but I could still make it out
as it went out of my field of view.

Any body else see it!?
Any ideas what it was!?
Frank Ryan Jr
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Shannonside Astronomy Club
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David Frydman
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Post by David Frydman »

Dear Frank,
I presume it wasn't an Orionid meteor.
Or a bit of satellite reentry material.

Regards, David
brian livesey
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Post by brian livesey »

If, as you say Frank, the object flared, then, subsided, it might have been a cartwheeling satellite or rocket component.
I once saw a similar object passing slowly across the face of the Dumbbell Nebula. Stella made a tentative assessment that it might have been a Japanese rocket component.
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Post by Mogget »

I saw several tumbling rocket stages during my time observing satellites, and they exhibited rapid changes in brightness as they rotated. In fact, they were generally more interesting to observe than the satellites themselves!
Ender Of Days
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Post by Ender Of Days »

It sounds a bit like an Iridium flare,but not sure of the orbital path

Have you checked Stelarium at all ? great free program very usefull too

JJ.. :)
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