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Missions to the planets...and beyond!

Welcome to the SPA Space Missions page. On here you can find out lots of information about various probes, rovers, orbiters and telescopes. Each of the missions below has its name, its scientific owners (such as NASA or ESA) and also the planet the probe is to encounter. All you need to do to find out more about each mission is simply click on the highlighted mission name below its picture.

NASA's Messenger (Mercury)        NASA's Galileo (Jupiter)       NASA's Mars Exploration Rover (Mars)


NASA's Mars Recon. Orbiter (Mars)    NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope  ESA's Mars Express (Mars)

NASA's Chandra Observatory         ESA's Planck Telescope          NASA's Cassini Mission (Saturn)

NASA's Lunar Recon Orbiter (Moon) ESA's Venus Express (Venus)    NASA Voyagers 1 & 2


ESA's Juice (Jupiter)                   NASA's Hubble Space Telescope         NASA's New Horizon (Pluto)

NASA's Dawn Probe                               ESA's Rosetta Probe                   ESA's Gaia Probe