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Sun, 13 Aug 2017 - R Trianguli is approaching maximum

The Mira type variable R Trianguli is approaching its 2017 maximum.

Maximum is predicted for early September although, as ever, the exact date is always uncertain in advance by a week or two.

This light curve shows the maxima of R Trianguli since 2013, based on observations by SPA VSS members. As can be seen, the peak magnitude differs from cycle to cycle. Some maxima are missed due to their occurring during the late spring when Triangulum is close to solar conjunction. This one, however, is conveniently timed, with Triangulum visible in the evening sky.

You can follow the brightness variations of R Trianguli near maximum using this finder chart. Comparison stars are labelled with their magnitudes (decimal point omitted).

More information about R Trianguli, including a second finder chart for when R Tri is a fainter binocular object, can be found in this guide


Added by: Tracie Heywood