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Welcome to the Variable Star Section

Hello and Welcome to the SPA Variable Star Section.

The section was founded in 1961 at the request of the famed amateur astronomer Sir Patrick Moore.

Variable star observation offers an exciting and fascinating world of discovery for the amateur astronomer and the work that can be done is used by professional astronomers from around the world. The SPA Variable Star Section observes a mixture of naked eye, binocular and telescopic variables.

Although there is some overlap with the programme of the BAA VSS, many of the variables are only observed by the SPA VSS so your observational data is very important.

Section members are a mixture of newcomers to variable star observing and more experienced observers.
The section’s Director is David Scanlan

The section’s Observing Notes describe the different types of variable stars, plus how to make brightness estimates.

Also included are Variable Star Charts which show the location of each variable and some nearby comparison stars that can be used when estimating the brightness of the variable.

A copy of these notes, chart and  report forms may be obtained by sending a large SAE to the Director.

Dont forget to visit our news page Here for all the latest developments in the SPA Variable Star Section