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Popular Astronomy Magazine - November-December 2017
See what's in the November-December 2017 edition of 'Popular Astronomy' magazine. Click the cover to find out.

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May-June 2016

May-June 2016


 8   The transit of Mercury Alan Clitherow and Robin Scagell

15 Return to the ice giants            Joseph Scaife

19 Oscillating neutrinos change flavour:  The 2015 Nobel Prize winning discovery Chloe McElvaney

30 Ripples in space open new window on cosmos Steven Thomson


4  Editorial Amanda Doyle             

 4  AstroNews Amy Tyndall

 AstroNews in brief Amanda Doyle

Galaxy distance record smashed Melanie Davies            

Repeating bursts of radio waves from mysterious object Amber Hornsby

A new twist in the evolution of stars Melanie Davies                                

9  Citizen Science Alice Sheppard

Young Citizen Scientists

 10 Telescope Topics Ian Morison

One shot colour cameras for astroimaging    

12 Amateur Scene Peter Wade

Astronauts and Stargazing Live / Observatory in Bury St Edmunds/

 Space artists / Out and about

 14 Letters

 End of an era

 Goodbye Newton, hello Einstein!

 23 Young Stargazers 

From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green  

What would it be like to ...    live in a globular cluster?  Alan Ackerley

What did Tim do? Kate Blackham

Observing challenge: Find three globulars Robin Scagell

 27 Space Exploration Helen Walker

 31 Q & A Amanda Doyle

Matt Taylor: Rosetta project scientist

 34 Section Reports

Gassendi – the Moon’s most observed crater Peter Grego

Aurora and NLC                Sandra Brantingham

Aldebaran delights Mell Jeffery

Winter meteor shower report Tony Markham

A quiet start to 2016 Geoff Elston

Difficult winter conditions Alan Clitherow

Clusters, galaxies and nebulae galore David Finnigan

Binocular variables Tony Markham

 42 Sky Diary

Variable stars / Moon data Tony Markham / Mandy Bailey

Lunar occultations Mell Jeffery

Planets / Meteor notes                Alan Clitherow / Tony Markham

44 The Society Pages

Astrobiology: the quest to understand life in the Universe

SPA meetings / Jodrell Bank’s Tim is new President of SPA Robin Scagell/Paul Sutherland

46 SPA contacts

47 Showcase



Sun, 19 Nov 2017   - Spectacular Leonid photos

Tue, 14 Nov 2017   - Will there be a Leonid meteor storm?

Wed, 01 Nov 2017   - Keep an eye on Iris