SPA Telescopes for Schools
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The phase of the Moon right now

spacer Useful links

Information about the night sky:
Heavens Above (sky and satellites visibility)
Stellarium (downloadable planetarium)
Globe at Night (how dark is your sky at night)
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Infrared satellite cloud map
Planetary photos from spacecraft

Links for information for schools:
IYA2009 UK home page
Hubble Space Telescope site
STFC Schools
RAS Schools
IOP Schools and Colleges
RAS Education Resource Database
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network
(Science and Engineering Ambassador scheme)
The Jodcast (astronomy podcast)
365 Days of Astronomy (daily astronomy podcasts)
Astronomers willing to give talks to schools
Organisations for amateur astronomers:
Society for Popular Astronomy
SPA Young Stargazers
British Astronomical Association
For a local astronomical society:
Federation of Astronomical Societies

Things to do:
National Schools Observatory
Bradford Robotic Telescope
The Liverpool Robotic Telescope
Help SETI look for signals from space

Schools' telescope

The schools' telescope

What it will show

Telescope safety

What's Up Tonight?

Useful links

Help with Telescopes for Schools

DVD clips

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