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2017 May-June daytime showers

For observers at northern latitudes the Eta Aquarids are almost a daytime-only shower.

Several other meteor showers during May and June are even less well placed for night time observation. The radiants of these latter showers are only above the horizon during daylight hours (although in a few cases, some activity may be detectable late in the night by observers in tropical latitudes). Consequently, observation of these showers is limited to radio methods.

ZHR level and radiant location information for these showers is often poorly known, but the most active appear to be the May Arietids (max May 16), the Omicron Cetids (max May 20), the Arietids (max Jun 7), the Zeta Perseids (max Jun 9) and the Beta Taurids (max Jun 28).

An overview of radio meteor observing can be found in  this guide